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Burnt Coque Fringe (25 pcs) Burnt Coque Fringe 6"-10"

¾ Stripped Rooster Feathers - Unveiling Distinctive Feather Elegance

Introducing our exceptional ¾ Stripped Rooster Feathers, a one-of-a-kind creation that captures the essence of feathered beauty. These feathers, originating from both the bone and tip of the feather, are the result of a meticulous and specialized crafting process. They stand as a testament to the fusion of nature's elegance with human artistry.

Their versatility knows no bounds - these exquisite feathers are the perfect embellishment to elevate your hat wear, headpieces, or garments. Each feather can be sewn individually onto attire, creating a bespoke and eye-catching detail that sets you apart in style.

As a creative touch, our ¾ Stripped Rooster Feathers are also seamlessly incorporated into some of our most sought-after boas, enhancing their visual appeal and uniqueness. These feathers come in varying heights, spanning from 6 to 10 inches, offering you flexibility in your artistic endeavors.

Unveil the distinctive elegance of ¾ Stripped Rooster Feathers and let your creativity soar. Whether you're fashioning a statement headpiece, customizing garments, or enhancing our signature boas, these feathers are your canvas for crafting elegance.

Our Price: $3.95
Burnt Coque Fringe (25 pcs) Burnt Coque Fringe 3"-6" Bias Tape (36" Piece)

These are ¾ Stripped Rooster Feathers. They are the bone and the tip of the feather created by a special process. They are used as an extra detail to hat wear, headpieces, sewn individually onto garments, or added into some of our most popular boas. They come 3”-6” in height.

Our Price: $16.95