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These real peacock feathers are the familiar eyed tail feathers for sale from a mature male Peacock. The feathers get longer and increase in number as the male matures. These iconic birds are native to south central Asia but are common around the world where they stroll majestically through zoos, farms, estates, and formal gardens. The tail feathers are shed each year in the molt and regrown. They make a gorgeous decor item for home, office, or store standing alone or in combination with long stalk dried reeds and flowers.
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Peacock Boa Peacock Boa
Our Price: $59.95
Peacock Boa Peacock Boa w/ Eyes
Our Price: $79.95
Peacock Fringe Peacock Fringe 6-8"
Our Price: $8.95
Peacock Plumage - Natural Black Peacock Plumage - Natural Black 1"-5"
Our Price: $9.95
(Out of Stock)
Peacock Plumage - Natural Chinchilla Peacock Plumage - Natural Chinchilla 1"-5"
Our Price: $8.95
Sale Price: $6.95
Peacock Swords 10"-14" Peacock Swords Natural 10"-14"
Our Price: $7.95
(Out of Stock)