About Feather Store

Feather Store was founded in 2002 and is based in Queens and New York City.

Feather Store has been offering prime select decorative feathers since 2002 at many venues and many fairs all across the United States.

We feature Marabou boa, peacock eyed feathers, peacock swords, pheasant tail feathers, ostrich feathers and ostrich plumes, turkey quills, saddle, hackle, schlappen feathers, coque (rooster tail) feathers, fluffy marabou, and other distinctive feathers. Peacock feathers are available in full length. They come in natural, dyed from natural, bleached, or dyed over bleached. We have a large variety of top quality pheasant tail feathers from the golden pheasant, lady amherst pheasant, ringneck, and other pheasants.

Recently added have been the spectacular reeves pheasant tail feathers that range up to five feet in length. Additional feather items include a wide range of feather boas in chandelle, ostrich, and marabou, feather fans, feather masks and other items. School and theater productions can make use of feather boas, ostrich plumes, feather trim and other items for costume making. Our millinery supply selection includes unusual items like stripped coque in addition to ostrich plumes, ostrich fringe, coque feathers, schlappen and other items for the creative milliner.

In addition to costume supply, floral supply, and millinery supply, our feather items serve as wide and varied clientele that includes: retail stores, designers, home decorators, event planners, theater groups, dance troupes, artists, crafts people, handbag makers, hat makers, mask makers, milliners, fly tyers and many others who enjoy our select quality, fair pricing, prompt shipping, and personal service.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to helping you and providing the best service possible.